img_0592    Vince is a 27 year veteran pastor of youth, children’s and young adult ministry. During this time, he has ministered in several american cultural contexts from urban to suburban to rural. In each place, God has done some amazing things and built strong, creative, and prevailing ministries in both the church and parachurch worlds.

“Through the adventure of ministry, I have been both deeply and generously loved as well as extremely challenged. I’ve faced both success and failure multiple times… I’ve chosen to love God and His people through it all, no matter what. It’s the only thing I really know to do, and it’s the ultimate thing God expects of me.”

Vince spent some time receiving training at Carnegie Mellon University for Acting, which he has also done professionally. He received his biblical training from the Christian Leadership Institute and the Bible Extenision Institute of Global Seminary.

“I’ve served under some truly great pastors and -like most vets– a few that were a bit more challenging. God has enabled me to learn humbling lessons from every one of them, and my hope is they’ve each helped me, in their own way, to become the kind of leader that brings God joy.” 

Vince currently lives in the northern part of Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!) with his (more) talented and (much more) beautiful wife of 27 years, April, and his two gifted daughters, Isabella and Galilee.


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